Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Back ♥

uh uhhhh  *Cough*

My blog full of dust edi ..
Gonna wipe it off..  Wait a second.. Loading ......

Done^^ no more dust ..
Cola is back

Recently kinda emotional  Don''t know what's wrong with me
..and getting impatient when talking with other people ..

Gonna take my Diploma LT exam on November..3 month to go only
But still left one pieces haven't touch it yet and other pieces were suck like shit =X
Goshhh!!  Gonna practice more and more until my hands handicapped.. Well -..- just kidding ..

Humpp.. throw this a side..
I going penang on 29th with my dear ^o^  then 31st go Cameron
Can't Wait for it ..awwww~
although i think it'll be jamming along d way to penang  and it'll be lotssss people..'ll spend lo.. 
But its okay ^o^  
looking forward to it..25 more days to go =) Enjoy!

By the way, gonna work hard for my piano first..

You can do it !! No one can beat u down~
I will do better than "her" 
No no..i 'll be d best =D Jia you

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

吉他 ♥

Recently I started to play Guitar___

Guitar ? Or .. 

uh hmmm.. Maybe just same like what my daddy said " 三分钟热度" 
lol..i admit it larr>.<  So What =P 

But Not only Guitar.. I also  Drum ..
Juz i can't play drum inside my room ..
And Jenki lend me her Old Guitar for me to practice..

And I Starbucks more than before .. 
Is because of..? =) 

And I  Music more than before..
I wanna be d Best..
and i know if i work harder..
I can do d Best.. 

So.. Wong Siow Ying..
Stop to Being such a Lazy people =X

Awwwww... Stupid.. Stop thinking ..
Is working time now =X hoho..

IMY so much..  

Although I'm just an ordinary girl .. 
But I don't want same with all clam ..
I want be d SPECIAL in ur heart ..
Be a high class Oyster XD..
Get it? 

Mr. Green Tea =P


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday To You, Daddy ♥ 【23 Jan 2011】

*(Please Click on it and see =D )*

Weeee~ Happy Birthday My lovely Daddy..Muckx♥ 

Throughout the years, 
you’ve worked so hard 
To provide us a happy life,
You’ve been there to help and give advice,
And you did it all without strife.

I will never let u feel disappointed ..heart u~♥ 

My Hero !! XD



I pray all your wishes come true

Stay Healthy & Happy !!      

I Love U

To Daddy,

Happy Birthday!!!
Let's celebrate your birthday and CNY and X'mas and etc at HOME for years to come...

Son Siang


Wife,Son & Daughter

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

【20th Jan 】

WeeeEeee ~
everything going smooth =]
nothing special happen this few day .
And i get used to my job already ^^
happy with my job now..
n talk lots with d one who sit beside me..ngek ngek~
Enjoying everyday n feel d time passed so fast

Wake Up > Work > Go home > Practicing Piano & Violin > Sleep 

This is how I pass my time >.<
seems boring .. but it is peaceful life ..
Cause i have promise daddy not to bring much trouble for them anymore..
i have to  [ Self behave ] Controlling myself
Controlling myself going out much >.< awwww...
Gonna become a Nerd? ( but i didn't touch book at all =P )

3 more day is Daddy Birthday ^o^
Gonna make a birthday card n e- mail for him..weeeeeee~
Love Ya ~ My daddy .. muckx ♥




Saturday, January 8, 2011

朋友♥ 永远的财富

Hmmmmm.. headache ..
This few days keep on online n playing game..
didn't sleep well at all ..

Miss d ice cream so muchhh~
Of coz.. i bought ice cream n eat too XD

When sitting on d bench ..
I miss all my friends so much..

Momo , me , Misaki *heart them* this my Form6 gang..
n also Janice Quan (we dint take picture together T^T)
Although we always argue =目
But really wont argue more than 2 hour ..
cause we know each other well ..♥

 This my Gossip Queen gang * heart them ♥ (a bit dark >.<sry)
I love to hang out with them so much..
cause always can capture many many many picure..
n yet we love to GOSSIP so much..
U all are my Dear ♥
They stand by my side no matter what happen..
just like what happen few days ago..
They beside me n support me when something happen on me

Suddenly i think of all my dearssss..
Lucky i still not yet drunk..
cause i still need to fetch my students back XD..
n i talk lots with my students..

I like to treat students as friends..
but i sure i will teach them well
trust me ..=]

FriendsSss.. Can i hug u all~~~~ mwakxx~

Friday, January 7, 2011

S-A-D .. ( T ^ T )

 Heart ( ♥ ) Bleeding ...
Happen twice edi..
Is my fault..
But i have try to best d.. Miracle doesn't show up ..
B'coz i'm juz a extremely humble people  =( God won't stand by my side ..


let's think about something stupid..
yesterday morning i went to office as usual,
i gonna press d alarm to open d door..
so i press 4 number but d door did not open at all ..
i get SHOCK..
 then i trying to call office's friend..
when i taking out my phone ,
i saw my office's uncle walk to d next door n press d alarm to open d door..
then i only realize ..

so embarrassed.. n yet he still ask me " wanna go up" >.< ~ 

What m i doing recently !!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1st Day Working ♥

today start working d =) 

Ah ming,ah phang & ah long came n fetch me to work
feel so damn gan jiong >.< hee~ 
when i reach thr, ah long juz switch on his comp n said 
" You play Facebook 1st larr "
I totally stund n speechless..

They ask me to have lunch..
where to go? Go jusco eat Teppanyaki =0= ~
n went to yamaha sonata to see my her -- Yip Misaki 
she working as a admin over thr.. when we saw her, she dare not to speak with us..
scare kena scold..muahahahhahaha!! 
after finish my Teppanyaki, they buy sushi n bring back to office eat ..XD

Back to office .. Facebook again >.< 

Someone explain what should i do to me..
juz key in account ..
but they haven't settle d new format, so tis 2 days i do not hv work to do =目
then i back to place continue online n chit chat with fren>.<

LOL.. go home d.. 

This how i pass my time..hahahahha~
Can't wait to meet my her misaki & momo tmr nite =) miss u all ~ 

Ytd many thing happen ..
feel like i'm so easy to lie by someone ..sighh
lucky all my ji mui beside me..heart them* mwakx~
n thx Bryan to help me settle all d problem .. 
I feel so great tat u all are my fren ..